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My Story

img-8719.jpgI come from a long line of makers. Both of my families are full of people who create and make. Going back to my great grandparents and grandparents and beyond it was all about making do. Things were made because they were needed – I see that bubble of time and see so many people creating functional art, Individual pieces with personality and character.

Moving through time and the generations it’s now more about the creative outlet. Making because we want to and we can.

I started out in photography and working as a cadet photographer with a commercial studio. It was hard work and lots of time in the dark room (pre digital!). Eventually I left photography and went back to study completing a degree in Social Work at the University of NSW. Lucky for me I could study my general studies units for my Social Work degree at COFA (College of Fine Art) I had my first taste of fibre art and fell in love with fabric.

Around that time I started sewing and making things, I was drawn to quilts as I had friends and family with new babies and it seemed the appropriate gift to give.

Fast forward to now and Making and Creating is what I do.

I feel I have come full circle using my love and knowledge of imagery, passion of fibre art and social work skills.

I teach patchwork and quilting, general sewing, create patterns for craft magazines and publications and make one off pieces with collected fabrics for commercial clients and for you to purchase.



info at siobhanrogers dot com dot au


Commercial Clients

Quilt Range

I can design and create an original quilt to your requirements either for advertising work, fabric manufactures or boutique hotels.

Email me for further information.


All my quilts are usable pieces, they are sewn with high quality machinery with pre shrunk colourfast natural fibre fabrics. I use both 100 % cotton and wool wadding on my quilts.

Quilts can be machine cold washed and put through a dryer – if you don’t mind your quilt crinkly, if you are a lover of flat un-crinkled quilt I would recommend line drying your quilt after machine washing.


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